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Cooking Class Week 2

On our 2nd cooking class we had a very special friend and chef Humeyra Ozcan who taught us how to prepare “Badem Corbasi”.  This soup was made with ground almonds and milk.  The ground almonds were browned in unsalted butter.  She added  some flour to make a roux.  This thickened the soup.  The soup was then garnished with toasted almonds and a dash of nutmeg.  It was a culinary delight!!!

Then Chef Nur prepared “Bohca Kebab” the queens kebab.  This was shredded beef sautéed with onions, Hungarian green peppers and tomatoes.  She added some peas and carrots.  Then we took “Yufka” a thin dough. This was stuffed with the meat mixture.  A thick béchamel sauce was used on top of each kebab.  Then baked in the oven.  When the kebab was almost cooked she added grated mozzarella cheese.  The cheese browned in the oven.  A beet salad with yogurt was also served.

The meal was an epicurean delight!!!!!

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