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Cooking Class Week 3

On our 3rd cooking class held March 6th, we went vegan and vegetarian.  Chef Nur made “Kisir”, a bulgur salad with parsley, green onions, vidalia onions, and tomato puree.  Seasoned with Turkish herbs and spices. She also wanted to show us an Izmirian Potato Salad.  This healthy salad was mixed with dill pickles, chopped fresh dill and parsley. Garnished with green onions.  Both of these salad’s are vegan delights.

The entrée “Mucver”, meaning zucchini fry.  Chef Nur grated raw zucchini and potatoes together.  Then mixed in an egg, flour and seasoning.  We then sautéed them in olive oil, browning both sides.  She prepared “Yagi”, a simple yogurt sauce to top the “Mucver”.  It was a healthy dinner that we all need to eat a few times a week.

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