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Cooking Class Week 4

The 4th cooking class was held Sunday March 13th.  We greeted each other with eager excitement.  What will we cook and eat today?  The main entrée “Hunkar Begendi”, meaning The King’s Choice.  We sautéed onions with chopped beef.  We added diced tomatoes, green peppers, and an array of herbs and spices.  A fairly thick Béchamel Sauce with roasted smashed eggplants was prepared.   We took the sauce making a well on the plate.  We added the Stew in the middle.  This became an optical culinary delight.

We served this with “Cevizili Kofte”, meaning Walnut Balls.  By now you know that “Kofte” means ball.  Meat ball, vegan ball, you catch my drift.  The kofte was a mixture of bulgur, garlic, pureed tomatoes and red peppers, hot water, hot and mild paprika.  Chopped walnuts were added last.  Then rolled into oval shapes.  Talk about a healthy dish, this was it.

Sesame Rice Pilaf with yogurt on the side was the ending for these dishes.

Come and join us for next week, we will have a famous Turkish Mediterranean Breakfast,  don’t miss it.

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