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Intercultural Exchange trip to Turkey & Azerbaijan

State Senator and Representative Delegation of Turkish Cultural Center New Hampshire and Council of Turkic American Associations completed their trip to Azerbaijan and Turkey. This delegation included 30 representatives from State Senate and House of north eastern states at the 57th Eurovision song contest in Baku. In total 200 State Senators and representatives attended the Eurovision song contest. During the trip delegation held important meetings in the Azerbaijani Parliament, Diplomatic Academy and Azerbaijani State University of Languages. Members also had the opportunity to visit Turkey; to meet with U.S. and Turkish officials, civil-society representatives, business community representatives, academics, and members from the press. In addition to attending meetings in Turkey’s capital, Ankara, the delegation visited Istanbul. The delegation conducted several high-level meetings in Ankara. Members of Parliament Ahmet Oksuzkaya, spoke on the current industry and technological growth in Turkey and spoke about the constitution revisions that will take effect in Turkey. In his briefing, Uygar Mustafa Sertel Deputy Directorate General for the Americas at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed Turkey’s strategic importance, for the U.S. and shared his views on domestic and foreign policy issues, and Turkey’s growing economic growth and future potential. The Delegation also met with the Mayor of Pendik, Istanbul to discuss the details of a sister-city project between Pendik, Istanbul and Manchester, NH. Also a visit to İVİAD (Istanbul Productivity Businessmen’s Association) took place to discuss future business opportunity between Pendik and Manchester.

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