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Turkic Community Center held it’s first Ramadan Iftar Dinner

On Saturday June 11th 2016 the Turkic Community Center held it’s first Ramadan Iftar Dinner. We had an all star guest list with some State Senators, City Alderman and clergy from the many denomination’s of New Hampshire. Also our friends and family we see every day. > > A video was shown on what Ramadan is all about. The fasting from sunrise to sunset. The most important factor is the contemplation of our inner selve’s and of God, together becoming one. More than food is given up during the fasting period. To suffer with out the simplest things that we take for granted everyday, like water! It brings us to a conscience place in our hearts and mind. Thus making us realize how important God is and how we are loved and taken care of every day. Praise be to God. > > The Turkish meal was out of this world. We had olives, dates, walnuts and pecans. First course was a tomato consomm√©. Many entree’s made with chick peas, eggplant, onions, peas and carrots. Also meat dishes with chicken and beef served with rice and bulgar. As always sliced tomatos and cucumbers. Last but not least exotic desserts with Turkish Black Tea. I can not decide which course was my favorite. > > It was a night of friendship with conversations about who we all are in this little place called Earth. We all left fully satisfied and a lot closer to God.


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